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Thanks to in-depth professional and academic experience in the indicated fields of activity, we provide top-quality legal services. As well as working for leading law firms both in Austria and the United States, Dr. Wallentin used to be a university assistant at the Institute for Austrian and International Commercial and Business Law at Salzburg University and co-authored one of the most widely known commentaries on the Austrian law on private limited companies.

We draw strength from the trust our clients place in us. Only a few weeks after Dr. Tassilo Wallentin set up the law firm, it took on one of the most important arbitration proceedings in Austria, the dispute between newspaper shareholders Hans Dichand and German WAZ media group. Other cases, and especially the success the firm had with them, drew a lot of media attention as well. Examples include publication rights and labor law cases or acquittals obtained in commercial criminal law proceedings for major social insurance fraud in the construction industry and the nationwide establishment of bogus companies. The outcome of the latter proceedings resulted in an amendment of the applicable legislation and the introduction of new legal provisions relating to social insurance fraud. Another field in which the firm is active is obtaining guiding or landmark decisions from public-law courts and the Supreme Court in Austria.

To meet the requisite high standards, we strive to continually develop and improve sophisticated and innovative strategies in legal advice services. We do not see ourselves as entrepreneurs, but as independent and creative legal advisers who have a mind for business and know how the world of business works. We never rest on our laurels and question standard solutions on a regular basis.

The law offices of Dr. Wallentin operates internationally and since April 2014 it has become a memberĀ  of the London registered network of internationally orientated law firms ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS. 35 partner law firms in 31 countries with around 1.200 lawyers are united under this one roof.

Partner offices exist in

Argentinia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark
Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland
Portugal, Romania, South-Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and in the USA.